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Her Dark Materials is a bi-weekly podcast where your hosts, Faye and Rachael, read through Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials novels a chapter at a time, spoiler free. 

Expect feminist analysis, northern charm and (hopefully) a lot of laughs. If you're new to the series or a Pullman aficiando, this is the perfect companion podcast for your read through.

'Do you cover the BBC/HBO TV show?' we hear you cry... Of course we do! You'll find our thoughts on each episode of seasons 1 and 2 in our feed and you can rest assured that when season 3 arrives we will be talking about that too!

Speaking of the TV show, we've had the privilege of interviewing many of the wonderful people involved in making it, including Grammy award-winning composer Lorne Balfe, VFX Supervisor Russell Dodgson, Casting Directors Dan Jackson & Kahleen Crawford, Production Designer Joel Collins, Costume Designer Caroline McCall, Lyra herself, Dafne Keen and the incredible Lin Manuel Miranda!

So join us, two gingers from the north of England, as we discuss daemons, Dust and dismantling power structures.

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